The Secret Behind GREEN's Supercharged Hydration! 🌿💧

The Secret Behind GREEN's Supercharged Hydration! 🌿💧

Let's explore the science behind GREEN, our hydration hero! Have you come across Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT)? This life-saving technique, developed in the 1970s to combat cholera-induced dehydration, was endorsed by the World Health Organization for treating mild to moderate dehydration. ORT's groundbreaking concept is simple yet effective: a precise blend of sodium and glucose significantly improves water absorption, saving millions of lives.


Science in Every Sip

The life saving success of Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) led scientists to identify the sodium-glucose co-transporter, a vital mechanism in gut cells. When ingested in the right ratio, glucose and sodium bind to this transporter, enabling smooth entry into cells. As a result, water follows, significantly enhancing the body's ability to absorb water efficiently and rapidly, thus improving rehydration.


The Important Role of Glucose in Hydration

Glucose is more than just an energy source. In hydration, it's a key player. Teaming up with sodium, glucose enhances water absorption via the sodium-glucose co-transporter. The right amount of sugar is crucial – neither too much nor too little – for optimal rehydration. This highlights why sugar-free alternatives may not be as effective in efficient hydration.


Sodium's Essential Role in Hydration

Sodium plays a pivotal role in effective hydration. In the sodium-glucose co-transporter mechanism, it partners with glucose, acting as a crucial half of this hydration-boosting duo. Sodium's presence is key to pulling water into cells more efficiently, making it an indispensable component for enhancing hydration. This balance of sodium, not too much or too little, is vital for the body to hydrate effectively, underlining the importance of its role in the rehydration process.


Crafting the Perfect Blend with GREEN

At GREEN, we've meticulously formulated our ORT blend using only the finest ingredients. Our sodium comes from unprocessed, microplastic-free pink Himalayan sea salt, enriched with over 80 trace ionic minerals. We include premium, freeze-dried organic coconut water and the purest form of organic pressed cane juice, which are packed with organic phytonutrients and flavonoids that strengthens immunity and supports a healthy lifestyle. This scientifically aligned ratio activates the sodium-glucose co-transporter, potentially tripling hydration efficiency. Beyond hydration, our ingredients are organic, sustainably sourced, and packed with numerous health benefits – all while being irresistibly delicious!


Let's Drink to Science!

So there you have it – every packet of GREEN is a little packet of science, designed for your body's natural mechanisms. It's hydration that's not just good for you; it's crafted smartly by nature, backed by science, and perfected by us. Ready to fuel your day the GREEN way?


Cheers to your health,

Dr. Nelli


P.S. Don't forget, staying hydrated with GREEN is as delicious as it is smart!