GREEN uses Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) science - mirrors the efficacy of an I.V. drip.

  • Step 1: Approach

    After consumption sodium ions and glucose molecules gravitate towards the co-transporter.

  • Step 2: Binding

    Sodium ions and glucose molecules experience a seamless binding within the intestinal wall.

  • Step 3: Transport

    Co-transporter subtly alters its shape, enabling effortless release of sodium and glucose into the intestine.

  • Step 4: Transition

    Glucose molecules, vital for energy, follow with water molecules, ensuring a balanced and nourishing transport.

  • Step 5: Flow

    Sodium, glucose, and water molecules fuel, hydrate, and maintain the intricate balance of our body's functions.

Sodium Meets Glucose

Every ingredient in GREEN's hydration formula is precision-tuned to the World Health Organization's ORT guidelines. One serving of GREEN delivers 9 grams of sugar and 410 mg of sodium — not by chance, but by adherence to global standards. With GREEN, you're sipping science-backed hydration perfection.

The Power of GREEN

Super hydrating and packed with 80+ ionic trace minerals, nootropics, MCTs and phytonutrients, GREEN sets a new standard in functional hydration.