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🌤️ Rise & Shine: Cradle your Coconut Cacao in our double-walled glass mug, crafted for the ultimate Morning Ritual warmth.

✋ Stay Cool: Insulated design means your drink stays hot, and your hands stay cool.

👀 Style Meets Function: Our sleek mug elevates every sip, blending elegance with practicality.

Ignite your mornings with GREEN's perfect sip partner.

Science-Backed Hydration

Harnessing the principles of Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT), GREEN combines Coconut Water, Cane Juice, and Ancient Pink Himalayan Sea Salt in a scientifically formulated salt-to-sugar ratio. This activates your body's sodium-glucose co-transport mechanism; a rapid rehydration therapy comparable to an I.V. Drip.

Organic Energy

Infused with 180mg of raw green coffee bean caffeine, our unique hydration blend delivers a smooth energy boost that sharpens focus and ignites your metabolism. No jitters. No crash.

Powered by Nature

Packed with organic nootropics, MCTs, phytonutrients, flavonoids and over 80 ionic trace minerals, GREEN strengthens immunity and supports a healthy lifestyle. 


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    The Cacao has totally replaced my unhealthy coffee habit. The taste is superb and it provides long lasting energy and hydration to help me make it through a long day of flying.

    Capt. Gary

    Love that GREEN keeps me caffeinated and hydrated longer in the water than anything else I’ve tried. Organic ingredients are a bonus for me. Solid product.

    Anthony O.

    The perfect post workout recovery drink. Certified Organic functional ingredients and no mid-day caffeine crash...I am converted!

    Jackie F.

    When you are on the go GREEN is the way, No more caffeine crash. Just full Gas.

    Kyle M.
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